Session 6 Season 2018

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It was a beautiful summer evening to prelude the Memorial Day weekend. The Chipsters swept all six points and the Greenseekers and Saints earned five points for the week. The Greenseekers (18.0 points) now are in first place by two points over the Business Office (16.0) followed by the Chipsters (15.0) and Saints (15.0) another point behind.

Some good golf was played as evidenced by seven people on the Honor Roll and several Shots of the Day entries (see comments) including two near aces.



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Ralph Draeger

5th hole on Lakes. I lagged up to avoid going into the pond. Ted Koch hit his 2nd shot hoping to be near the green to the right of the pond, but miss hit and landed 4" from my ball.

Shot of the day

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Peter Vanderveer

Jay Krafft's second shot from 110 yards on lakes #5 to 6 inches or less from cup for tap in birdie!

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Jon Holmes

According to the course ranger, Jon Holmes missed a hole in one on the Lakes #4 by 4 inches. The ball ended up about 4 feet behind the hole on the 190 yard shot. Of course, he scuffed the birdie putt and made par on the hole.

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Dale Schoeller

Caleb Buss, substituting for Jerad Swift playing for the Bunker Busters, busted a 340 yard drive on the Prairie 9 hole #4.

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Thad Molling

Ted Tibbitts, using driver on the par 3 Lake 9 hole #7, drove the ball to just 10 inches from the hole. Ted, did you make the putt?

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