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Session 18 Season 2018

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This session is the last one of the UW Golf 2018 season.

The league team championship will be decided on September 3 in an 18-hole playoff between the Round 1 winners, Business Office, and the Round 2 winners, Greenseekers.



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UW Golf Admin

Lakes 9, Hole #7

Who has ever hit it right and into the woods on this par 3?

Jim Sosman was in the woods after a shanked tee shot. He was 70 yards out and hit a great shot to the front left of the green, then made a 40 foot putt with a 4 foot break to save his par.

Great up-and-down, Jim!

... and a worthy entry for Shot of the Day. However, see the next Shot of the Day comment...

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UW Golf Admin

Lakes 9 Hole #7

This par 3 does provide a lot of drama and did not disappoint this session with two Shot of the Day entries on this hole.

Rob Haworth hit his tee shot 1 inch short of the hole, missing an ace.

Shot of the Day and maybe of the year.

Yes, he made the putt!

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